Alarm Systems

Sadly burglaries do happen but it doesn't have to be you

Protect your family and your prized possessions with an alarm system which is smart-enabled as a constant deterrent.

Residential Alarm Systems

Sadly, every 8 minutes a property is burgled, damaging possessions, and breaking the confidence we all have in our homes. It doesn’t have to be this way. Update your home alarm system and install a CCTV solution, they are more affordable than ever and an efficient way to deter any prospecting thief.

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Gateway CCTV Enforcer & Home Control+ Alarm System
Gateway CCTV Alarm System Mobile Application

Gateway Enforcer Alarm Solution

Only one in 18 burglaries were resolved last year, mainly due to poor residential security infrastructure. According to police often the evidence is too weak for prosecutions to take place.

You do not need to be the next victim suffering emotional distress caused by a break-in. We can help you feel safer at home, and when you are away, you can be sure your property is secure with real-time CCTV and Alarm System monitoring right on your mobile device.

Protect your family and possessions with a professionally installed security alarm system that you can control and view from anywhere in the world at a click of a button.

Fully installed alarm systems and solutions starting from £449 (VAT Inclusive)

Alarm System With Total Control

The Gateway Enforcer and HomeControl+ provides a two-way wireless solution. In the digital age we continue to demand products and services which allow us to stay connected all the time. The Enforcer V10 realises that opportunity by providing IP connectivity through the inbuilt WiFi modem and HomeControl+ app available on iOS and Android devices.

Set and unset the system, get system status and receive custom push notifications from any event. Add IP cameras to the system for live stream monitoring of the property.

With this alarm system you really do have total control.

Gateway CCTV Alarm System Control Panel
Gateway CCTV Alarm System, Detectors, Keyfobs

Expand Your Home Alarm System

The HomeControl+ App is available in two versions: on Android™ from the Google Play Store, and on iOS™ from the Apple App store, offering unparalleled connectivity remotely, but you can still expand this further!

Add up to 80 individual users and 32 wireless keyfobs. Install and activate additional sensors, including smoke, CO2, and perimeter sensors, and of course add CCTV cameras and view and control your alarm system from anywhere in the world.

“Police and insurance companies agree that the most effective way to prevent a burglary and the resulting outcome of loss and emotional trauma is to have a Professional Security System installed – with our expertise and the solutions on offer we can guarantee peace of mind”

Nick Francis Bonkowski
Technical Director

Connect Anywhere

Set and unset your system

View your system status in real time, including: alarm, CO and smoke detectors

Customise and receive push notifications from your system

Have instant access to your events and history logs at the click of a button

Control appliances such as lights, garage doors, gates and blinds

All using an encrypted, highly secure system, for the extra piece of mind that your family and home is safe and secure

We can help you stay safe!

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